Global Stage

The course brings together a rich language syllabus with an extensive and diverse literacy programme. This combination helps students develop key Presentation Skills, Thinking Skills, Social and Emotional Skills and Global Citizenship, which gives them the confidence they need to excel in their education and in life.

  • Global Citizenship lessons encourage students to think beyond their immediate community, and to be globally oriented.
  • Creative thinking tasks, such as the Visible Thinking Routines, a research-based framework developed at Harvard University, help foster independent learning.
  • Dedicated writing and speaking lessons help nurture children to become competent speakers and writers of English so they can confidently engage with subject areas across the curriculum.
  • The Language Workbook provides additional opportunities for heads-down grammar and vocabulary practice, with activities at different levels of difficulty, enabling students to progress at their own pace.
  • Easy-to-use digital lessons in the Teacher’s App reduce lesson preparation time while gamified language and literacy activities in the Student App on Navio extend students’ contact with English outside the classroom.