Ready to build on your language skills and take the next step in your learning journey? Look no further than Language Hub Elementary - Digital Student's Book with Student's App and Digital Workbook! Our well-designed syllabus and engaging content make Language Hub Elementary the perfect choice for learners at the elementary level. Our fully digital solution includes the Digital Student's Book, Student's App, and Digital Workbook, providing you with everything you need for effective online study.

Whether you're studying on your own or in an online class, our materials offer comprehensive practice and preparation to help you succeed. With interactive exercises, audio recordings, and other helpful tools, our Student's App makes it easy to learn anytime, anywhere. Plus, our Digital Workbook allows you to practice what you've learned with interactive exercises and other helpful resources. Start using Language Hub Elementary - Digital Student's Book with Student's App and Digital Workbook today and take the next step in your language learning journey!

  • Language Hub is easy to use in a variety of teaching situations due to its firm pedagogic foundation, and syllabus aligned to the revised CEFR
  • This fully digital version enables teachers to deliver their classes online allowing flexibility in any scenario
  • Comprehensive video content includes engaging ‘sitcom’ series providing realistic models for learners’ own language production, and additional authentic video content from The Guardian offering further input for practice.
  • The Writing lessons in the Student’s Book help learners improve their communicative writing skills and cover a range of genres aligned to the topic in each unit of the course.
  • The Student’s App offers learners quick and flexible practice when and where they need it, and also provides exposure to target language for class preparation and consolidation.
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