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Doodle Town

Using a language-rich syllabus that incorporates artwork and drawing, Doodle Town promotes memory, experience, imagination and observation by blending phonetics, songs, stories, projects and values into an easy-to-follow and rigorous curriculum. This diverse pedagogical approach helps form well-rounded, confident and successful young learners of English, introduces them to collaboration, learner independence, problem solving, and encourages creativity.

  • Children explore English through music, movement, creative thinking tasks, dialogues and values, developing their language and building a wide skill-set to prepare them for academic success.
  • A unique combination of Literacy Skills and Math Skills Pads allows children to reinforce new language, at the same time developing their mathematical and literacy awareness.
  • Let's Doodle and Let's Talk activities introduce young learners to collaboration, learner independence and problem-solving, developing their communication skills and encouraging creativity.
  • CLIL lessons, aligned to the US English Language, Arts and Math Common Core Standards, introduce language in a meaningful context and provide learners with useful academic, subject-specific language for the future.
  • The Student Practice Kit, Letter to Parents and detachable parents' pages provide a strong school-home link so learning continues outside of the classroom.