Get Involved! American Edition — Macmillan Education

Get Involved! American Edition

What makes a hero? How can we improve our environment? Who inspires you?

Each unit starts with a question to spark curiosity and ensure every student gets involved. Throughout the unit learners gain the knowledge, language and skills to answer the question in the end-of-the-unit collaborative Project. Completing the project gives students an opportunity to use the new language and skills straightaway.

  • Get Involved! American Edition provides authentic contexts and empowers students to talk about real-life issues with confidence through the Project spread.
  • Practical solutions for mixed-ability classes include Brain Teaser logical activities and Workbook exercises at three different levels of challenge so everyone can succeed and show their talents.
  • Three genres of video in every unit expose students to English as it is really spoken and help them develop their language and video literacy skills.
  • Gamified activities on the Student’s App encourage students to practise English outside the classroom while teachers can monitor their work through the Progress Tracker in the Teacher’s App.
  • With the fully flexible component mix, including a range of digital tools for teachers and students, the course is ready for teaching face-to-face, online or any combination of the two.