Happy Campers 2nd Ed_Global — Macmillan Education

Happy Campers 2nd Ed_Global

This enhanced edition of the American English primary course Happy Campers combines new topics and practice activities with complete digital support, while keeping the unique musical programme of the original course, making learning even more memorable.

  • A gently-paced syllabus with solid grammar and vocabulary practice and new and better scaffolded tasks all help every child succeed, giving them a sense of real progress.
  • The full-colour practice pages at the end of every unit build students’ confidence by helping them consolidate what they have learnt.
  • New and updated reading and listening texts, focusing on topics such as equity and inclusion, help learners become well-rounded individuals.
  • The new It’s our world sections, aligned to the Education for Sustainable Development and Citizenship framework, develop collaboration skills while students learn to appreciate cultural diversity and take care of their own health and wellbeing.
  • A complete set of easy-to-use digital components with integrated audio and video as well as interactive activities enables successful learning and teaching, both in the classroom and at home.