Doodle Town Second Edition — Macmillan Education

Doodle Town Second Edition

Doodle Town Second Edition is an enhanced version of the best-loved American English pre-primary course, which offers a guided approach to early literacy and a focus on social and emotional learning, preparing children for their life-long learning journey.

  • Stories, songs and new animated videos teach positive values and develop social and emotional skills, making the children’s first contact with the language playful and memorable.
  • A new phonics programme, chants, the rip-out Little Readers in the Literacy Skills Pad, and the Phonics Readers in the Activity Book all help teachers instil early literacy skills and to teach phonics successfully.
  • Revision resources and a new assessment package give teachers and parents a clear way to measure and support their children’s progress.
  • An easy-to-use new set of digital tools supports remote and face-to-face teaching, providing teachers with everything they need at the touch of a button, while the new Student’s App on Navio engages children to learn as they play.
  • The syllabus of Doodle Town Second Edition is carefully aligned with the primary course Global Stage, and together they make up a complete 10-level programme.