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GCOM Move Beyond

Move Beyond is an eight-level course for teenage students. The course is based on detailed mapping against the CEFR and international exams. It offers a comprehensive syllabus for the four skills through systematic development of subskills and linguistic strategies. The age-appropriate life skills strand adds a new dimension to language teaching in the secondary classroom.

  • A creative and dynamic approach to topics motivates students to engage with the material, making language learning more meaningful and successful.
  • Units provide constant opportunities for students to express themselves, while the pages are brought to life through a series of specially-produced videos.
  • Throughout the course, language is recycled and reviewed, allowing students to assess and consolidate their progress.
  • The Teacher's Resource Center contains a wealth of extra material including a downloadable Presentation Kit, course audio and video, worksheets, tests, and access to onestopenglish.com resources.