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Optimise Updates

Optimise is the go-to exam preparation course for teenagers. It provides engaging lessons that equip students with essential skills and techniques to ensure their exam success. The course offers optimum support and guidance to teachers who work in a results-driven environment, whether they are experienced or new to exams-focused teaching.

  • Students will develop a thorough understanding of requirements and master specific exam strategies with the Exam Skill and Optimise Your Exam tip boxes.
  • The dedicated Optimise your Exams section in the Student's Book, written by a practising Cambridge examiner, explains what to expect in the exam, focusing on skills needed for specific task types.
  • Talk2Me videos present key functional language in a natural context and help students build the confidence to communicate fluently.
  • The Speaking test videos, performed under true exam conditions, help students understand the exam format so as to optimise their performance on the day of their exam.
  • Teachers can provide support to their students preparing for A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary for Schools and B2 First for Schools with the Practice Tests and the Test Generator.