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Language Hub 1

Language Hub 1

Designed to connect people through English

Language Hub is a 6-level general English course designed to connect people through English. With its well-balanced skills syllabus and range of engaging and modern topics, language comes alive and allows students to experience the joy of learning and communicating with others.

All the lessons in Language Hub are crafted to build learners' confidence in a variety of situations and lesson preparation has never been easier. The Teacher's Book makes lesson planning intuitive using annotated 'teach-off-the-page' lessons supported by tips and ideas taken from the award-winning Macmillan Books for Teachers.

  • Regular opportunities for meaningful communication help students master their speaking skills by bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world.
  • The engaging Cafe Hub 'sitcom' series provides realistic models for learners' own language production, and authentic, documentary-style videos from The Guardian offer further input for practice.
  • The Writing lessons in the Student's Book help learners improve their writing skills and include a range of genres needed for communication outside of the classroom.
  • The Student's App offers learners gamified language practice when and where they need it, and also provides exposure to the target language for class preparation and consolidation. 
  • The Teacher's App has a simple-to-use Classroom Presentation Kit that helps to deliver truly engaging lessons and an ePlanner for creating the perfect syllabus easily and quickly