Are you a B1+ language learner looking for a comprehensive digital solution to enhance your language skills? Gateway to the World B1+ - Digital Student's Book with Student's App and Digital Workbook is the perfect tool for you! Our fully digital solution provides you with engaging content, interactive exercises, and additional practice opportunities to help you improve your language proficiency at the B1+ level. With access to our Digital Workbook and Student's App, you can practice your language skills anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're preparing for school-leaving or international exams, further study, or the world of work, Gateway to the World B1+ has everything you need to succeed. Our proven methodology, trusted by thousands of teachers and learners worldwide, will help you achieve your language learning goals. Start using Gateway to the World B1+ - Digital Student's Book with Student's App and Digital Workbook today and unlock your B1+ language learning potential!

  • This version of the course provides an enhanced and fully interactive learning and teaching experience.
  • The Digital Student's Book contains embedded audio and video, as well as interactive, self-marking activities with instant feedback for learners.
  • The Digital Workbook offers the accompanying audio as well as interactive activities from the print Workbook with automated marking so students instantly know how they are doing.
  • A Student's App encourages students to practise the course-aligned vocabulary and grammar through gamified, bite size activities whilst collecting rewards.
  • Teachers can assign homework and set reminder notifications for students, as well as monitor their learning via the Progress Tracker, saving valuable time.
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