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Gateway 2nd edition leads teenagers to success in exams and prepares them for further study. This fully digital solution gives access to the Digital Student’s Book and Student’s Resource Centre with Life skills and Flipped classroom videos, Culture worksheets and a Macmillan Reader. The Online Workbook includes interactive activities and audio.

  • Practising teacher and best-selling author David Spencer, who works with teenagers every day, draws on his first-hand experience to provide practical solutions for motivating students and making teaching effective.
  • Life skills videos and tasks, covering topics such as Personal and Physical well-being, Citizenship or Social skills help to prepare teenagers for life outside the classroom.
  • The innovative Flipped Classroom videos, which students can watch before class, feature grammar presentations by the author, allowing teachers to find more time in the lessons to focus on real-life communication and add variety to their teaching.
  • Exam-style activities accompanied by the Exam Success tips provide numerous practice opportunities and ensure an in-depth understanding of the requirements.
  • The Gateway to Exams sections allow students to revise the exam techniques they have learnt and practise typical exam tasks, thus making them confident to take their exam successfully.
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