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Straight to Advanced

Straight to Advanced is a short, intensive course that prepares students for the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam. This course comes with a full set of standardised print and digital components that allow students to become confident with CAE exam topics through further practice of Listening, Reading and Writing and Use of English tasks.

For students, the print components consist of the Student’s Book (with or without Answers Keys) and the Workbook (with or without Answers Keys). A unique code from the Student’s Book provides access to the Student’s Resource Centre, Digital Student’s Book and an Online Workbook, where a host of extra material and resources can be found.

  • The course can be as long as 100 hours or as short as 50, depending on requirements and time available, making it extremely flexible.
  • Each of the ten 9-page units analyses and provides practice for at least one part of every exam paper to ensure complete coverage.
  • The online workbook includes comprehensive practice for all parts of the Listening, Writing, Reading and Use of English papers, as well as additional grammar and vocabulary exercises.
  • Self-assessment and progress tracking is made easy with a full answer key to all exercises, including models for writing and speaking tasks.
  • 10 Progress Tests that follow each unit provide regular updates on learning outcomes and make progress assessment easy and accurate.