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 Building on the phenomenal success of the original Mind series, Mind series

2nd edition is devised to help students become confident independent learners who

can succeed in this dynamic, global, and increasingly competitive world.


The philosophy behind the Mind series recognizes that 21st century students need a

language course to engage them on many levels and also develops their higher-order

skills, at the same time as developing their English. The Mind series targets students’

language needs but also provides the professional, academic, and personal skills they

need for all-round success in other spheres of their life


Significantly updated content and layout changes, new photos and artwork, along

with a brand-new design across the series, make this new edition of the Mind series a

course that really gets students talking. The flexible options for digital delivery provide

further motivation to adult and young adult learners. Packed with high-quality authentic

video material, compelling images, and absorbing topics, the course is underpinned

by a strong life skills strand. You can find out more about life skills and how they are

developed in the new edition of the Mind series over the next few pages.

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