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Ready for C1 Advanced 4th Edition C1 - Digital Teacher's Book with Teacher's App is the perfect digital tool for private language schools, freelance teachers, and other educators looking for a comprehensive and flexible way to help their students prepare for the C1 Advanced certification.

Our trusted textbook has been updated with innovative digital support, new pronunciation sections, and improved page design for easy navigation, while still retaining all the features that made it so popular with teachers and students.

With our updated reading and listening texts, you'll have access to the latest and most relevant materials to help your students succeed. Our Teacher's App version offers interactive exercises, audio recordings, and other helpful tools to aid in your teaching. Plus, the self-study-friendly design allows your students to prepare for the exam at their own pace, with the option to self-prepare using our comprehensive materials.

Start using Ready for C1 Advanced 4th Edition C1 - Digital Teacher's Book with Teacher's App today and help your students achieve their English language certification goals!

  • This fully digital version of the Teacher’s Book and Teacher's App helps teachers to plan and deliver even more interactive lessons and monitor students progress effectively.
  • The Teacher's eBook is interleaved with the pages of the Student's Book and includes annotated answers.
  • There are teaching tips from the author and ideas for extra activities.
  • The Teacher's App provides access to the Homework Manager, Classroom Presentation Kit, Test Generator, Teacher's Resource Centre and Teacher's eBook.
  • The Classroom Presentation Kit makes lessons even more interactive and includes all the Student's Book and Workbook pages.
  • All of the scores achieved by students in the interactive activities are automatically collated in the platform’s in-built Progress Tracker so that teachers can see how they are progressing through the course.
  • The Test Generator includes 2 full practice tests and 12-unit progress tests.
  • Full wordlists can be found in the Teacher's Resource Centre together with the speaking videos and the accompanying worksheets.
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