Academy Stars Starter - Academy Stars Starter Level Digital Pupil’s Bo — Macmillan Education

This fully digital version of Academy Stars Starter enables teachers to take learning and teaching online instantly and confidently. It includes the Digital Pupil’s Book, Alphabet eBook and Pupil’s Practice Kit.

This fully digital version enables teachers to deliver their classes online allowing flexibility in any scenario. The unique Graphic Grammar animations allow young learners to interact visually with various grammar structures in easy-to-understand contexts. A strong learning skills strand and the Be a Star! review activities promote critical thinking and learner autonomy. Cambridge Young Learners test-style practice activities provide teachers with ready-to-use materials preparing students for international exams. The Think about it lessons help develop decision making and problem solving skills. The thought-provoking Values box and Me activities help children develop social values, promote personal reflection and highlight notions of responsibility and consequence.

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