Get Involved! B1 - Digital Student's Book with Student's App and Digit — Macmillan Education
This fully digital version of the Get Involved! course enables teachers to take their teaching online instantly and confidently. It includes the Digital Student’s Book, Digital Workbook and access to On-the-Go Practice and the Student's Resource Centre through the Student’s App.
  • This version of the course provides an enhanced and fully interactive learning and teaching experience adaptable for use in the classroom, on the go and in remote learning environments.
  • The Digital Student's Book contains embedded audio and video, as well as interactive, self-marking activities with instant feedback for learners.
  • The Digital Workbook offers the accompanying audio as well as interactive activities from the print Workbook with automated marking so students instantly know how they are doing.
  • Through the Student's App encourages students to access the On-the-Go Practice with the course-aligned vocabulary and grammar wherever they are.
  • Teachers can assign homework and set reminder notifications for students, as well as create bespoke tests with the Test Generator.
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