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Global Readings Level 2: The Ultimate Digital Primary Literacy Anthology - Digital Pack

Unlock the World of Reading with Our Exclusive Digital Pack for Primary Students!

Are you in search of a comprehensive digital reading solution for your young learners? Look no further! Global Readings Level 2 Digital Pack is your go-to resource for fostering a lifelong love for reading in a digital format. This all-in-one package is specially designed for online learning, making it the ideal choice for both remote and hybrid educational settings.


  • Diverse Digital Library: A curated selection of texts from various genres to captivate young minds in your online or hybrid classes.
  • Interactive Digital Student's Book: Engage your students with interactive reading exercises, all in a digital format.
  • Optimized for Online Learning: This Digital Pack is fully tailored for online and hybrid educational settings, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Why Choose Global Readings Level 2 - Digital Pack?

  • All-Digital Format: Say goodbye to print! This is a 100% digital package, perfect for modern educational needs.
  • Enhanced Learning Experience: Improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, and engagement in a digital-first environment.
  • Trusted by Educators: Rely on a resource that's been vetted for its educational value in digital learning settings.

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Taken from the much-loved Global Stage Literacy Book, this reading programme can be used alongside any English language course.A variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as activities for learners to explore literacy concepts, develop reading skills, and respond to what they have read.As they work through the programme, students improve their thinking and self-reflection skills, and become more effective and independent readers.Beautiful illustrations, photos and diverse formats encourage students to practise multiliteracy skills.The Digital Student's Book includes interactive, self-marking activities as well as the audio and video content from the course.

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