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Global Readings Level 2: Digital Teacher's Edition with Exclusive Teacher's App

Elevate Your Online Teaching Experience with Our Comprehensive Digital Teacher's Edition!

Are you an educator looking for a seamless way to integrate digital literacy into your primary classroom? The Global Readings Level 2 Digital Teacher's Edition with Teacher's App is your ultimate solution. This all-digital package is specifically designed to enhance your online teaching and engage your students in a virtual or hybrid classroom setting.


  • Rich Digital Anthology: A wide array of genre-specific texts to enrich your online teaching materials.
  • Teacher's App: An exclusive app packed with interactive features to make online teaching a breeze.
  • Fully Digital: No print materials to worry about, making it eco-friendly and convenient for remote teaching.

Why Choose Global Readings Level 2 - Digital Teacher's Edition?

  • All-Digital Format: Embrace the future of education with this 100% digital package, tailored for today's tech-savvy educators.
  • Interactive Learning: Utilize the Teacher's App to create an engaging and interactive digital classroom.
  • Trusted by Educators: A resource that's been rigorously vetted for its educational value in digital learning environments.

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The Digital Teacher's Edition includes a flexible Enhanced Teacher's eBook for on-screen lesson preparation.The Enhanced Teacher's eBook provides carefully structured lesson plans, teaching tips and ideas for differentiating activities.The Teacher's App provides access to the Classroom Presentation Kit with interactive activities, audio and video, the Student Progress Tracker and the Resource Bank.The Resource Bank offers a wide range of supplementary materials and worksheets.

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