Double Decker 3 - Teacher’s Extension 4 years — Macmillan Education
Double Decker has story-based units and a skill-focused language syllabus. It links English with other languages as well as other subjects in the school curriculum. Double Decker also aims to lay the foundation for future study through the development of learning strategies and builds up an atmosphere of co-opration and collaboration in the classroom. The Teacher book is an easy-to-follow guide to the course, with general suggestions, ideas, optional activities and step-by-step instructions and suggestions for differentiation. It comprises:
  • Detailed unit overview and teacher’s notes including audio scripts and answer key
  • Advice on how to deal with multi-level classes and the digital materials
  • Flashcard Games Bank
  • Includes code to access all teacher-facing digital components online, such as the Presentation Kit, the Teat Generator and the Resource Centre.
  • Caters for differentiation in the classroom in several ways: by providing different "routes" to help teachers adapt the activities, on the page extra activities for fast finishers, multi-level worksheets for both faster and slower learners, projects, differentiated assessment materials etc.
  • Focuses on vocabulary and gently raises pupils’ awareness of the way English works so that they learn naturally and easily, without the fear of complicated grammar rules.
  • Raises cultural awareness by allowing pupil’s to learn about different places and cultures and compare these to their own culture.
  • Learning to learn strategies are introduced in order to help pupils become efficient language learners.
  • Integrated digital tools for both teachers and students, including a classroom Presentation Kit and Test Generator for the teachers and a tablet- and mobile- compatible Practice Kit for the pupil’s.
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